Experience with CMS Prestashop about 6 years. The work was mainly carried out through the freelance exchange, on which I have more than 100 closed tasks with 100% positive feedback. I always try to take on interesting and more challenging work than I think I can handle.
That is why I was able to achieve good skills, in my opinion.
The projects that I have done personally compete with the completed projects of entire teams in the field of e-commerce.
Since I personally, if necessary, help clients to draw up a vision for the development of their business (in terms of arranging an online store, and related processes)
My work is not just a redesign or stretching and basic setup of an online store on CMS Prestashop.
It is too:
Basic SEO-optimization of the store
Attracting specialists to compile and fill the site with texts
Connecting and setting up advertising analytics and integration with various marketplaces.
Set up alternative shipping and payment methods.
Drawing up plans and assistance in setting goals to improve the client's Internet business

I have to admit that not all projects that I can showcase in my portfolio are ideal, as in my opinion, but this is already a project financing issue, since I mainly work with small businesses (And their task is to do this as efficiently as possible for less money). In any case, the projects that I support, real and developing, have extremely positive dynamics in terms of the number of visits, the number of conversions, the amount of the average check and stay on the page.