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If you want an additional sales channel, its worth setting up Prestashop dynamic remarketing. It is the ability to "catch up" with potential buyers. Analytics of peoples actions on the Internet is taken as basic data.

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How remarketing works

What it means to set up Prestashop dynamic remarketing

  • An ad campaign that leads people.

  • People visit the site but do not commit shopping

  • People leave one site, go to another ohhh

  • Remarketing is turned on, it reminds of products

  • People come back to the site, sales grow

  • Dynamic remarketing - what we do

  •  Turn on analytics, optimization
    Before the technical part work discussing issues from the field of customization and optimization of the basic tools of Google Analytics. This also applies to promotional analytical services that collect advertising campaign indicators: the number of hits, requests, calls, orders, etc.
  •  Considering the structure, parameters of an advertising account.
    Performing general settings account, we are considering the shortcomings of past advertising campaigns. If the latter are not found, launch new advertising campaigns.
  •  Working with search
    We are talking about search campaigns in ad networks. We only need to select advertising sites and target the bottlenecks where your potential customers live

What problems does PrestaShop dynamic remarketing solve?

  • The site visitor is not ready to buy right away

    The products viewed on your site will follow the person across all sites until they mature. " its easier to surrender to remarketing.

  • The visitor did not find what he wanted

    Due to the inconvenient filter system and carelessness, a client can leave your site without buying. A redirect with similar products will surely" catch up "with him.

  • The visitor put items in the cart and left

    Remarketing triggered so that the customer completes the checkout. The customer sees the call-to-action and the products that they previously placed in the cart

Order Prestashop dynamic remarketing

35-40% of buyers who have not made a purchase return to the site.

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