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We offer solutions in areas of e-commerce that will promote your store to potential customers. We analyze the convenience of the resource, look for vulnerabilities in usability to find places where a customer can exit without making a purchase.


What are you missing out on without setting up Enhanced Ecommerce?

We implement Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics to get information about your customers' site activity. In Russian, expanded e-commerce.

  • New opportunities

  • Order optimization

  • Sales performance

We evaluate in-store conversion rates and the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. We are working on, modernizing campaigns so that their cost is lower, or the same, but at the same time with an increased profit coefficient.

  • Why it is profitable to order Google Enchanted Ecommerce

    All users who visit your commercial site are guaranteed to be interested in your products. Get ready for the following:

    • Rating upgrade
    • recognition
    • Up to 1000+ clients

How we work with search queries

  • The popularity of high-frequency keywords affects the fact that the volume of queries with low frequency is equal to the minimum or not used. We have several strategies for promoting e-commerce resources with low-volume keywords. We cover a wide range of search queries and bring a wider audience to purchase.
  • This type of site visitor is looking for the best deals, and our task is to help them find these offers in your online store. We promote your low-frequency queries, making them more visible to visitors. Our work is aimed at ensuring that site visitors perform useful actions, and not just visit the resource.
  • We occupy TOP places in search results

    We carefully evaluate the determinants of success in your niche and assess the level of competition. We then use this information to determine the most effective strategy for your online store. We are working to ensure that customers remember your store, so that recognition increases and the credibility of the audience increases.

Advanced E-Commerce - Progress Your Store

To increase the commercial success of your site, we:

  • 01

    We check the resource for any possible fines from search engines, this is necessary to increase the trust limit of Google and Yandex services.

  • 02

    We fully check the originality of the site content, for this we use unique analytical programs and methods.

  • 03

    We study the structure of your site and how it meets the needs of the client - in order to give people what they want.

  • 04

    We select and implement really working commercial search queries into the site, this is necessary to attract the target audience.

  • 05

    We guarantee professional support and advice, we allocate a personal manager to track the success of the campaign.

How to Track Enhanced Ecommerce Results

  • Each owner of an online store that works with us receives monthly comprehensive reports on the results of the work done based on data from Google Analytics, Yandex Metrica and other analytical services.

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