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What is it and how does it work?

Prestashop is the platform on which the Internet is created -the shops. By choosing such a “engine”, you get a fast-working, understandable, spacious and easily manageable site.

Order the development of an online store from us, and within In 30 days you will have a productive site.

Order development

Why PrestaShop is the best platform for an online store

  • Convenience
    Multi-language admin panel with a clear interface. Control the flow of orders, analyze demand, study the behavior of the sites customers.
  • Protection
    Unlike self-written sites, PrestaShop has impressive hardcoded cryptographic strength. Hacking the system is very difficult.
  • Speed
    PrestaShop panel is famous for light weight, so even with a slow Internet, pages will load quickly.
  • Functionality
    An extensive database of free and paid modules that expand the functionality of the online store. We also install marketing modules.
  • Multi-store
    Within PrestaShop is being implemented by several businesses at the same time. One admin panel easily launches different stores.
  • Design
    We uniqueize templates so that they correspond to any topic of the site. The pages are usable, understandable, pleasant for the client.

What is included in the service of creating an online store

To create the site, we will use a set of technologies

  • Flex design
  • Basic SEO optimization
  • Fast performance HTML 5, CSS 3, Php 7
  • If necessary, we integrate 1C

All you need to do is decide on your preferred site design and the modules that your online store will need. Although PrestaShop is a standard platform, we customize it individually according to the wishes of the customer.

Order development

Smart functionality

  • Coupons and discounts
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Useful modules

  1. Advanced cart

    To make it easy and comfortable for customers to place orders, we propose to implement an advanced cart. It saves underestimated orders (important for retargeting), offers 1-click registration.
  2. Integration of NP, UkrP.Intime, delivery

    With this integration, clients will not be able to simply specify in the commentary to the order, the current address or branch of Nova Poshta or Intime, but they will choose it from the internal database of the services themselves.
  3. Payment modules likpey, privat24, payment in installments

    To speed up the process payment for the order, we propose to introduce payment systems into the ordering process. Customers will also be able to choose to pay for an order with a card directly in the store.
  4. 1-click order

    Of course, you want the client to leave as much information as possible. But some buyers choose stores where they can place an order with a minimum of “gestures”. We suggest installing the order module in 1 click.

Additional functions

  • Synchronization with marketplaces

    Placing your products on popular platforms like and Rozetka - guaranteed traffic, new ordering channel. We will help you upload products to marketplaces and monitor the conversion.

  • Setting up uploading to Google merchant. google shopping

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  • Auto-generate sitemap

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  • Advantages of a store on

    What we are we offer instead of standard purchased templates

  • Only necessary functionality
    Templates contain “garbage”, useless modules and limited visual functionality. But the individual site contains only the necessary modifications + implementation of visual ideas in CSS and JS.
  • Sophisticated SEO
    Content is tailored for promotion and competently distributed throughout the site. There are no duplicate pages, there is a micro-socket and cyclic links. Search engine robots do not slow down the promotion of such a site.
  • Fast loading speed
    Low page weight, Google Page Speed indicators are green (best loading result). Websites that we make at Prestashop load up to 3 seconds. For comparison, the time of a template site is 6-18 seconds.
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