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About Standard Purchased Templates

Undoubtedly, to launch an online store, for the first time, you can use a standard or "premium" template.

Templates have high versatility and flexibility in customization, as well as wide functionality, which by and large is used by 30%.

But when an online store needs to be tailored to business tasks, it becomes clear that the universal functionality does not work as we would like.

As a result, in 93% of cases

online store owners resort to significant additional expenses to improve the functionality and usability, but the effectiveness of these investments does not justify itself.

After all, even minor revisions made by an unqualified specialist can lead to unstable site operation and slow page loading, new unexpected breakdowns, and even a complete loss of the database.

Disadvantages of purchased templates

  1. 01
    Large amount of garbage
    • Lots of unnecessary modules
    • Lots of unnecessary functionality
    • Lots of CSS and JS
    • Lots of variables in templates
  2. 02
    Bad SEO
    • Presence of system headers
    • Duplicate pages
    • No micromarking
    • The presence of circular references
  3. 03
    Slow performance and download speed
    • Poor Google Page Speed.
    • Large page weight
    • Website takes a long time to load
  4. 04
    Lack of uniqueness of functionality, improvement of functions is not always possible
    • All modules are standard
    • The problem with the quality processing of functionality

When ordering a template from us, you get

  • Basic SEO optimization
    Basic ceo optimization that allows you to significantly save on the cost of site optimization CEO, and most importantly, that the CEO specialist will do the things that he should, and not correct someone else's work.
  • Adaptive design
    High website responsiveness. Your site will be displayed correctly on all devices with a convenient location of functional blocks for users at an intuitive level
  • Unique design
    The unique elaborate design that carries the Bernd style.
  • Quality HTML/CSS
    High-quality HTML / CSS layout that meets the technical requirements of integration with CMS Prestashop
  • Lightweight and productive website
    The ability to use the resources of the site at 100%. All unnecessary functionality is cut out, so the pages of the site become 50% lighter.
  • functional tool
    Thoughtful functionality of the site, understandable code will meet the goals and objectives.

So you get a double plus

  • The site brings more profit - due to user convenience and effective promotion.
  • Save significant amounts on site support - there is no need to fix critical errors, complete the site, conduct audits and edits on them.

agree it's a good deal

Pay once for the development of a high-quality template with a guarantee of uninterrupted work for about 2 years , without thinking at all about issues and possible alterations on the site